13 Great Ways To Make Money With Your Blog [Part 1] – THE GOOGLE ADSENSE OPTION

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from those who are experimenting with blogs, and those wo want to be bloggers for a living, is: ‘how exactly can I make good money with my blog? ‘The truth is that more than 95% of people who call themsleves bloggers are not making any money with their blogs, not because their blogs do not have good content, but because they simply do not know how to monetize the the great cotnent that they are delivering from time to time.

In this 13 part series, I will be treating the 13 different ways a conscientious blogger can turn his blog into a money making machine.

In order to make the content easily digestable for my blog followers, I will be discussing each of the money making options, one by one over the next few days, and I will expect you to start taking ACTION immediately you learn a trick in the series. ACTION TRUMPS ANYTHING ONLINE. You cnat make money if you dont take action.

Of course, you must understand that all forms of monetization for your blog require readers in order to work successfully. Before you try to implement your monetization strategies, make sure your blog has enough readers to make your efforts work. If there is no one to click your ads, visit your affiliate sites, or read your reviews, you do not stand much of a chance of making money. To learn about how ot generate traffic to your blog, I recommend you join this blog training club: www.probloggersclub.com

So here we go with the first instalment on how ot turn your blog into a money making machine:

Making MOney With Your Blog on GOOGLE ADSENSE

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is Adsense, and this advertising program will work with just about any blog and if you receive enough traffic, it can be very lucrative.

Adsense puts relevant ads on your blog after you sign up and insert a few lines of code into your blog; this requires some basic HTML knowledge and a blog that allows you to modify the HTML. Don’t be intimidated, it is easy to do. The good thing about Adsense is that the ads are displayed based on the content of your blog, so readers only see ads that will likely appeal to them, increasing the chances that they will click on them.

Adsense operates by pairing relevant ads with your content. As long as your blog has enough content to support a few text ads, you will be able to run a few non intrusive ads along the side of your blog. You will need to have a blog that allows you to add a few lines of HTML code into your blog in order to use Adsense. If your blog is hosted independently, chances are you will be able to make the necessary modifications. If you blog on a network or on another site, you will have to check to see if it is compatible with Adsense, many are.

To get started with Adsense, go to www.adsense.com and sign up. It is free to use Adsense and if you have an existing Google account you can use it as your Adsense account as well. Signing up with Adsense is free, but you must provide tax information and report your earnings.

You then choose what type of ads you want displayed on your blog. You have the choice of text ads that run along the top, side, or bottom of your blog or graphic ads that display an ad with a picture on your blog, either in a size like a banner ad or in a smaller size.

Adsense is a cost per click advertising program, which means that every time that a visitor clicks on an ad in your blog you get paid. Google does not disclose exactly how much you make for each click before you sign up, but you can track your daily, weekly and monthly earnings once you have started running Adsense and calculate how much you are making per click.

If you do not have a large readership base, most types of monetization on your blog will probably not be successful and Adsense is no exception. The more people you have clicking your ads, the more money you make. Earnings will vary widely depending on how many visitors you receive and if your blog is very popular you can make a good income from Adsense alone.

Get started wqith making money with google adsense on your blog right now by going straight to google and signing up to have adsense on your blog

Of course ot take your blogging ot the next level with professional training and mentorship, you need to enrol right now at www.probloggersclub.com

On the next instalment of this 13-part series on How To Make Money With Your Blog, I will be dealing with THE 7 ALTERNATIVES TO GOOGLE ADSENSE.

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