One of the most popular niche online – It is mostly related to teaching others how to make money online or business opportunity niches.

Strengths: There is a huge hungry market here looking to find the holy grail of making money online. If you have a product that can help them to make money, save money, save time, save effort or generally run their business for them, then you have a huge market here.

Weaknesses: This is one niche that you must make sure you produce results for your prospects. Don’t be a hypocrite by telling others you can teach them to make money online but you haven’t made a single cent!

Opportunities: There are lots of niches like resell rights, private label rights, product creation, search engine optimization and many more – you just need to find which market you are more comfortable with.

Threats: This is the MOST COMPETITIVE niche online – everyone is fighting for the same pie – but people are also willing to buy…

This is such a wide area that we cannot possibly do justice to it in a book of this nature. However, if you really want to know how to get started in internet marketing as a niche, I encourage you to take a foundational course at: .

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