Whoever Said Failure Is Final Is A Bloody Liar!

In this multi-part series , we examine the anatomy of failure from different angles and show how failure can be the best thing to ever happen to your success.

That sounds crazy, right? Well hang with me for next few days and you will find out!

Today, I want to start out by assuring you that whoever said you are a failure for life is a bloody liar!

I dont care if it is your mentor, your teacher, your father, your mother or even your pastor. Failure is NEVER final unless you allow it to be!

Remember this: The battle for success or failure always begin in the mind. Often times what we hear and see about ourselves convince our minds that we are not better than what people have tagged us to be.

When we accept the opinion of others about our abilities, we help them to make that prophesy come true! It is time you stop helping ‘false prophets’ fulfill their evil prophesies concerning you!

In today’s inspirational video above, we saw an unforgettable  lineup of people who were once written off as failures but who ended up turning the tables on those who had given up on them

As you watch the awesome 3mins video below, you must remind yourself that whoever said you your  failure at anything is final, is a liar.

If you have ever felt rejected or tagged at a failure for life in anything, your job going forward  is very simple: You need to make  those people eat their words by succeeding against all odds!

Yes, many people once thought to be less talented than YOU, have gone on to become great legends. Who says you cannot do the same?

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