It takes Big Time Failure To Achieve Big Time Success

failureIt is amazing how many people who would like to succeed but were too afraid of failure. The truth, as backed up by true life stories, is that it takes a massive amount of repeated failures to achieve ultimate big time success

Yes, we all celebrate successful Megastars and Rockstars but we often failed to see the litany of failures that prepared, and propelled them to that level of success. The hard truth is that it is very rare to find a very successful person in business that has not gone through some heart breaking failures in their climb to that success.

The stories of geniuses who excelled at everything they ever touched are myths. It’s not true, and everyday life shows that those stories can never be true.

Even Jesus, who was both Man and God, experienced some failures in his humanity before he achieved the divinity that saved us all. The bible records that he COULD NOT DO many miracles in his village, (not that he did not want to), because his kinsmen did not believe anything was special about him. Jesus also wept over Jerusalem and lamented about how he labored to gather them like chicks to their mother but could not because of their sin of unbelief!

Failure is the manure from which great success grows. It does not matter whether we are talking about internet marketing success or talking about being a success in offline business. Same thing applies in any business, any endeavor and any pursuit.

So, stop whining about how difficult anything is, or about how frustrated you are about your failure to find success as an internet marketer. Just suck it up and get on with the business of winning at the end of the day. Most people who have ever made any reasonable money online have had to endure their fair share of failures.

We do not need to be afraid of failure. We need to embrace it and harvest the lessons it contained for our future online business success. Those who are afraid of failure can never make it in any business, much less in the business of internet marketing.

Failure is often the stepping stone to ultimate success.

For instance, when most of us think of Michael Jordan, the legendary footballer, we see him as a larger than life megastar who was the best basketball player in the world for years. However, it may shock you to know, as the 30 second video above shows, that he failed often, and often, as a basketball player before he finally succeeded. For instance, he was cut in his High School team because the coach thought he was NOT good enough.

As great as he was, Michael Jordan still failed in his first 6 years in the league to win a title. Even at the prime of his success, he still failed almost as much as he succeeded. His field goal percentage average during his awesome career was still LESS THAN 50%. This meant he failed at least one time, for every other time he succeed in putting the basketball in the net.

While it is true that Michael Jordan was known as a legendary closer who would never quit until the game is over. Yet, the truth of the matter is that his game-winning basket percentage is less than 25%! In order words, for every game-winning basket he scored, he actually missed 3 or 4 times!

In the same breadth, Tiger Woods is unquestionably the greatest Golfer of his era but his winning percentage is still less that 30%. In order words, he always failed at least 3 times for every one time he succeeded at a tournament.

The hottest players in baseball history have a batting average of less than 35%.

Bottom line, if you have never failed before, you probably have never tried anything new. It is time to stop lamenting your failures and start harnessing the blessings in your adversities if you ever hope to succeed as an internet marketer. It takes big time failure to experience big time success.

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