(The Closely-Guarded Success Secrets The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know!)
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The best way to the top is to learn from the secrets of those who have already made it there. After one year of mixing and mingling with the very best in internet business from the united States and Europe, I have been able to put together what I consider to be the very top secrets of their success. Many do not talk about it and some would not even want you to know them. However if you hang around them for as long as I did, you can decipher the secrets whether they wanted you to know them or not.
The following represent what I consider the top secrets of the American gurus that can help any African

Netpreneurs to take their game to the next level. Read them, study them, read them again and then put the secrets into PRACTICE and just like me, you can shoot to the top of the game fairly quickly.

Breakthrough Guru Discovery #1 Gurus Have A Strategic Focus To Their Internet Business The most important secret I learned from the gurus in my eventful journey as a guru wannabe was that I needed to have a strategic focus for my business. This is way deeper than the traditional thinking that what you need to succeed is to find a hungry niche and service that hunger. It even goes beyond just writing a business plan for your business. The secret is knowing what you want, where you want to be, examining the options open to you to get there, and determining the best option that will get you there, with the least amount of resistance and competition. I learned from the gurus that just finding a hungry niche is no longer enough. You cannot be successful in the long run, without working yourself to death, by simply servicing a niche. You have to have an overriding strategy that guides everything you do online.
This is a profound revelation that is critical to your future in internet marketing and you need to grasp it before you can move forward. I discovered that having an internet marketing strategy is not about what you are doing, but how you are THINKING. In other words, whether you are an opportunity seeker or a strategic entrepreneur is determined by how you think about yourself and your business.

Breakthrough Discovery #2 Gurus Outsource Most Tasks In their Businesses While locked up in my basement doing my self-imposed Internet Marketing Rehab, I did a thorough investigation of the other things that made the gurus special, other than having a clear strategy. I discovered that, without any exception, they were all masters of strategic outsourcing. The real gurus, who were eating the lunches of the guru wannabes like me, right from under our noses, every day, tended to outsource most tasks in their businesses, including some tasks they could do by themselves! While floundering around as a guru wannabe, I had been practically doing everything myself. I did my own keyword research and designed and created my own products; I handled the traffic generation; forum posting; list building; accounting and many other functions that I erroneously believed needed to be handled personally by me. About the only thing I outsourced were the graphic designs for my book products and my website sales pages. In my mind, I thought I was supposed to outsource only those things I could not do myself. I foolishly believed that by doing most of the things I was capable of doing I was saving myself some money. Yet the need for outsourcing in my business has nothing to do with my capability, or otherwise, to do a task! A careful study of the approach of the real gurus to outsourcing in their businesses showed that it has nothing to do with what they can do or cannot do themselves. Rather, for the gurus, the decision to outsource, or not outsource, has everything to do with the value of the gurus time and whether the gurus can get someone to do the task at a rate lower than their time was worth. It was a paradigm shift of colossal proportions. All I can tell you right here is that understanding what my time is really worth, combined with an understanding of how proper outsourcing really works, has been a major boost to my internet business.
Now, I work less while earning more. I am no longer as stressed as I used to be and yet, there is a major improvement in my income. I was actually able to set up a whole internet business school, in less than 2 weeks, spending less than 2 hours a day on it. It was amazing.

Breakthrough Guru Secret #3 Gurus Maximize the Power of Leverage By Developing Products Around One Niche Contrary to my own opportunistic, knee jerk approach to creating products as a guru wannabe, I discovered that the real gurus actually focus tightly on one niche for a long time. The real gurus take time to design their long term strategy for their business, which also invariably include finding the niche they want to dominate, and how to dominate it over the long term. Once they have done that, they then use their considerable resources to build a full complement of products, email follow-ups, one time offers (OTO) and upsells in that one niche, which they then market to their list and the market at large relentlessly. When you take a look at the products created by some of the acknowledged gurus, such as Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Alex Jeffreys and Matt Bacak, you will observe that each of them focused on only one niche!
They always make sure everything they are doing in internet marketing is tightly connected with the niche they are operating in. They do not just promote or buy anything simply because it is hot. It has to be tied to their niche or they will pass on it, no matter how juicy. Most guru wannabes like me, who did not really have a strategic vision, on the other hand, simply jump from one niche to the other in pursuit of easy money. At the end of the day, they have no leverage, as they are not building on the strength of their past affiliates and customer bases.

Breakthrough Guru Secret #4 Gurus Aggressively Develop an Army of JV Partners For Their Product Launches Another major discovery in my wandering around as a guru wannabe is the realization that virtually all the major gurus have an impressive army of affiliates and JV Partners on call at all times. I found out that, apart from developing great products several times a year, gurus spend most of their time cultivating and developing relationships with JV Partners and super affiliates. In my early days as a guru-wannabe, I just assumed that affiliates would review your offer on JVzoo or Warrior plus or Clickbank and then make a decision whether to promote your product or not. I naively thought that the strength or utility of a product was the major thing that determined whether it would be promoted or not. However, I quickly found out that this is not so. As a matter of fact, the game is rigged against the newbie who has no clue. Apparently, most gurus, many months BEFORE their product’s release date, do a lot of backroom wheeling and dealing to recruit powerful affiliates and JV Partners to promote their product and give it a big bounce on opening day. There really is nothing accidental or fair about how the gurus get big gravity scores on ClickBank or high EPCs on opening day of their product launch. The gurus who are having those 6 and 7 figure launches you keep hearing about on a regular basis often focus a lot more time on getting JV’s and affiliates for the product launch than they spend creating the product itself. So, I learned from watching the masters do their thing that to be a real guru in this business, it is imperative that you learn and master how to gather JV’s and get willing affiliates to promote your products. Statistics, from those who should know, actually claim that over 80% of most sales were done by JVs and affiliates. So, you must learn how to attract JV’s and Affiliates, or get buried. It’s that simple.

Breakthrough Guru Secret #5 Real Gurus Understand the Power of Networking Events If you have ever wondered how the gurus always seem to manage to put together an intimidating army of loyalists and affiliates to promote their products, the answer is really very simple: Internet Marketing Events! Contrary to what most guru-wannabes think, these affiliates and JV partners do not appear from thin air, and they are not sourced by spamming on Facebook or through adverts. The super gurus get these army of affiliates by attending and networking with people at Internet Marketing Events. Though it took me a while to figure this out, I finally realized that you can accelerate your progress in the Internet Marketing world by attending Internet Marketing events as often as you can. As a matter of fact, I will venture to suggest that if you can attend 3 – 5 Internet Marketing events a year, you are bound to be connected with super hitters within your first year that would help you to make serious money in this business, regardless of where you are right now. Ordinarily, many of these guys will not give you the time of day in another setting. They will not respond to your emails and will more likely than not embarrass you if you tried to approach them on social media or elsewhere about supporting your project if you were not in their inner circle. However, catch them at an Internet
Marketing event and they will treat you like an equal or a long lost friend. People who would ordinarily charge you $5,000 just to speak to you for one hour will drink with you all night and share amazing secrets of the trade with you at a costume party. This was really an incredible revelation to me personally! I can honestly tell you that if you have not been attending events, you are missing the most powerful single weapon to get access to these busy and sometimes inaccessible heavyweights.

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