How To Choose The Right Internet-Based Network Marketing Company

Successful online Network Marketing has NOTHING to do with selling your prospects on your company’s products. What you think of as your company’s product is NOT its real product at all.

Your company’s real product is its TRAINING AND MARKETING SYSTEM.
• The easier and more effective the marketing and the stronger the training your company provides the easier your business will duplicate itself.
• Lots of network marketers fail because the marketing methods and approach they are taught does NOT work most of the time
• You need to a great marketing system to succeed in internet and offline marketing system

Now, let us look at 7 things your internet based MLM system MUST have for you to achieve marketing success
1. The MLM Company Must Have A Great Replicated Site With A Lead Capture Page Designed Specifically For Your Network Marketing Company.
• Capture page must have great sales copy related to the opportunity your company represents
• It Must give an incentive for people to opt in to review the opportunity

2. The Company Must Have a Free Video or Report or Brochure Designed For Your Network Marketing Company’s Opportunity
• Report or Brochure should explain the features and benefits of joining your MLM opportunity
• Must focus on the support and resources available to the recruit to new distributors
• Must explain the company’s products and compensation plan
• Report/Brochure should include testimonials from successful people in the company

3. The Company’s System Must Have AN EMAIL FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM
• Most people don’t act immediately after they have opted to review your opportunity or report
• Most people must see a marketing message at least 7 times before they take any action
• Your company must have follow-up system of auto responding emails that continually market your leads for you
• These emails should have professionally done and strongly worded sales copy

4. The Company Must Have A Feedback System That Uses The Fear Of Loss.
• More people buy out of fear of loss than out of prospect of gain
• The company’s marketing system must Invoke fear in prospects that they may forever lose commission on a new prospect if they do not upgrade
• The Company’s system must show them there are negative financial consequences if they don’t take action now

5. The Company Must Have A Good Product Or Service People Really Want
• While people join MLM because of dreams of making money, the Product still has to be good to sustain the business long term
• Product must service a useful purpose that meets a genuine demand
• Product should be capable of selling even if there is no compensation plan attached

6. The Company Must Provide A Strong Internet Support For Its Distributors
• Good training system that is available to new distributors
• Customer service must back up the efforts of distributors
• Incentives and Competitions must be introduced often to stimulate energy and competition

7. Your Company Must Have A Compensation Plan That Puts Money In Distributor’s Pockets Quickly
• Network Marketing is sold as a means to quick financial freedom
• You Must look at the Comp Plan of Your company be sure it has something in there to put money in people’s pocket quickly
• You want to look closely at the FAST-START BONUS of your company. It must be huge enough to put money in new distributors pockets quickly
• Things are moving too quickly these days. If people do not see money quickly, they are gone!

There are many great internet based mlm companies out there now that meet these critical criteria for success and you can find them on google or any of the search engines or even on Facebook!

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