With the explosion in internet usage and patronage by Africans, being an offline internet consultant is going to a huge for many Internet marketers in Africa in the coming months and years.

While it may sound difficult to think of yourself as an Offline Internet Business Consultant, it’s not really difficult to transform yourself into an offline consultant by offering your knowledge, skills and insight about marketing online to local brick and mortar companies.

With the entire buzz about internet marketing out there, many business owners already in Africa already recognize the importance of being online, but they have no idea how to get there. They’re just waiting to find someone to lead the way. That someone may be you!

So who’s an Offline Internet Business Consultant? An offline consultant is basically someone who works with local businesses, offline, to teach, guide, counsel and assist them in bringing their businesses online. An offline consultant shares his/her knowledge of Internet marketing, website design, promotion, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising strategies and other key concepts with local businesses who needs help…
for a price.

Most Internet Marketers make a mistake of thinking that because they spend most of their time online, that the same is true of other businesses. As you get involved in building website, It easy to assume or think that every business in the world already has a website too, but that’s really not the case. There are still untold multitudes of businesses–especially local ones—who don’t have a viable Internet presence. And that means opportunities for you! You can take your online skills and help these business owners create a profitable online presence.

The funny thing is many business owners may not even realize they need an Internet presence. They may mistakenly believe that only large companies or companies who want to sell products online need websites. As an offline consultant, you can help them understand how Internet visibility will help their bottom line.

When it comes to establishing an internet presence, many local business owners are absolutely clueless about where to start. You, being their local marketing expert, can be their guide. You can help them understand concepts such as:
• Why Internet marketing is necessary for any business
• How to set up a website
• How to make an existing website mobile friendly
• How to optimize the site for SEO
• How to market using articles, Google ads, and more
• How to turn website visitors into cash
• How to do effective customer service using the internet
• How to use the internet to manage their corporate reputation

As an offline consultant, you may decide to be a generalist, offering help in any realm of Internet marketing, or you may specialize in certain aspects of doing business online such as website design or online promotion. You also might choose to specialize within a particular industry such as day cares, hair salons, doctors or dentists.

Whatever part of offline internet consulting that sounds most appealing to you, can be turned into a profitable internet consulting business. Our market is still largely under-served compared to other continents.

Here are some common services you can offer to local businesses for good money particularly in Africa where many business people are still not familiar with websites like Fiverr; Odesk or Freelancer where they can actually get them done for ridiculously low amounts. You can take the deal and then outsource it to those micro job sites for peanuts while pocketing most of the money!

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