In Nigeria for instance, one of my students recently got a deal as an offline internet consultant for a medium sized company In Abuja and on my advice, he charged the company the equivalent of $5,000 to set up 5 social media pages for them on Facebook; LinkedIn; Google+; YouTube and Pinterest with a recurrent contract to maintain these services for $1,000 a month!

Another student just got a deal to build a website for a client at $1,000 though we were able to get that same website built on a template theme on Fiverr for $5!

This happened late November of 2013, confirming there is still a killing to be made in the offline internet consultancy niche in Africa. This will hardly happen in the USA or Europe for simple tasks like that.

Some of the offline consultancy deals still hot in many parts of Africa at the end of 2013 include the following:
• Internet Consultation (you offer to give this free to get a foot in the door)
• SEO Listing Services
• Website Optimization Services
• Affordable Effective Website Solutions / Graphic
• Pay Per Click Advertising
• Article & Press Release Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Virtual Assistant Services to manage their online platforms

Strengths: Everyone can get into the business by doing some training. There are resources available online to help you provide excellent service to your clients even if you yourself do not know much about any of those services. You can do this business straight from your suitcase or your cell phone without needing any other materials.

Weaknesses: It involves real work constantly and marketing offline which most internet marketers do not want to do. Internet marketing is typically a solo operation. The majority of interaction is done via email, online forums, blogs or social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Offline consulting, on the other hand, involves in-person encounters with real people. If you don’t like talking to people directly or on the phone, this may not really be for you.

Opportunities: The market for internet business consultant in Africa is endless and only just beginning. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. With little knowledge you can capture big clients in Africa and charge figures that will make the experts in America and Europe green with envy.

Threats: With the realization of the huge opportunities in this business in Africa, many foreign experts are now targeting local customers in Africa. With their superior skills; marketing experience and the ‘foreign’ factor that they bring into competition in Africa, many offline consultants in USA and Europe are beginning to pose a credible threat to local consultants. The good news however is that this market is so huge there will always be something for every player in the niche.

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