Internet Income Model #3: Online Network Marketing (Part II)

Now, Lets look at 7 things your MLM system MUST have for you to achieve marketing success

#1. The MLM Company Must Have A Great Replicated Site With A Lead Capture Page Designed Specifically For Your Network Marketing Company.
• Capture page must have great sales copy related to the opportunity your company represents
• It Must give an incentive for people to opt in to review the opportunity

#2. The Company Must Have A Free Video Or Report or Brochure Designed For Your Network Marketing Company’s Opportunity
• Report or Brochure should explain the features and benefits of joining your MLM opportunity
• Must focus on the support and resources available to the recruit to new distributors
• Must explain the company’s products and compensation plan
• Report/Brochure should include testimonials from successful people in the company

#3. The Company’s System Must Have AN EMAIL FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM
• Most people don’t act immediately after they have opted to review your opportunity or report
• Most people must see a marketing message at least 7 times before they take any action
• Your company must have follow-up system of auto responding emails that continually market your leads for you
• These emails should have professionally done and strongly worded sales copy

#4. The Company Must Have A Continual Feedback System That Uses The Fear Of Loss
• More people buy out of fear of loss than out of prospect of gain
• The company’s marketing system must Invoke fear in prospects that they may forever lose commission on a new prospect if they do not upgrade
• The Company’s system must show them there are negative financial consequences if they don’t take action now

#5. The Company Must Have A Good Product Or Service That People Really Want
• While people join MLM because of dreams of making money, the Product still has to be good to sustain the business long term
• Product must service a useful purpose that meets a genuine demand
• Product should be capable of selling even if there is no compensation plan attached

#6. The Company Must Provide A Strong Support For Its Distributors
• Good training system that is available to new distributors
• Customer service must back up the efforts of distributors
• Incentives and Competitions must be introduced often to stimulate energy and competition

#7. Your Company Must Have A Compensation Plan That Puts Money In Distributor’s Pockets Quickly
• Network Marketing is sold as a means to quick financial freedom
• You Must look at the Comp Plan of Your company be sure it has something in there to put money in people’s pocket quickly
• You want to look closely at the FAST-START BONUS of your company. It must be huge enough to put money in new distributors pockets quickly
• Things are moving too quickly these days. If people do not see money quickly, they are gone!

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