21. This is a fantastic money site for authors and it shares out about 75% of income to the site to the content writers

22. You can contribute content to Break Studios and make money writing. They provide you the titles for each article and you write the content. Once your article is approved & published you will be notified and will be paid via PayPal at the end of every month.

Your articles will be published on highly trafficked Break Studios’ websites including,,,, &

23. WiseGEEK offers free and clear answers to common questions in almost all niches (500+ topics). They pay writers per article. Currently wiseGEEK pay $10 to $14 depending on the article. You get paid via PayPal and there is no fee as they cover the PayPal fees.

24. eCopywriters hires copywriters to assist their clients in creating quality content. They’re looking for only professional copywriters only. You can earn up to $25 per hour for basic writing projects.

They have different levels of writers and top level writers earn as much as $0.30 per word. eCopywriters’ projects include TV & Radio Commercials, SEO Content, Blogs, Press Releases, Ads, Sales Letters, Business Letters & Plans and more.

25. If you’re from US then you can contribute high quality articles in the niche Money & Finance, Shopping, Fashion, Beauty, Technology, Home Improvement etc. to LoveToKnow and they pays an upfront payment for your article. LoveToKnow offers the most useful information on the topics you want to know more about.

26. Seed by AOL is an open content submission platform that is looking for content writers from US. AOL Network with over 100 million monthly visitors & billions of page views covers 80+ topics and you will be paid a flat fee if they acquire an exclusive license to your work or they will share the revenue with you for all the approved articles.

27. QualityGal is a content creation service dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality SEO content. QualityGal accepts writers from all over the world and pays at least $12 per article (average of $12) and a maximum of $30) depending upon the quality of content. Payment for completed and accepted articles is made via PayPal or Check every week.

28. This is another great site that allows you to earn money for writing. If you are looking for simpler articles and writing projects, then this might be a better fit for you. You can typically earn $3.00-$8.00 an article but the articles are shorter and much easier to write in my opinion. Textbroker allows entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity to post writing projects in the system. You go through the system and claim articles in areas of interest. They pay twice a month by PayPal on all of the articles that you have written.

29. This is more like a job board for writers but it is very good. You can find fresh, new job postings almost every day. If you are looking for some extra work, then keep your eye out on this job board. For example, if you like sports, it is not uncommon to find an opening every once in a while for a sports blogger who can write on recent sporting events.

30. This is a great website on many different levels. Not only can you learn how to be a freelance writer, but they have relevant, fresh job postings listed daily as well. There is even a post that list 50+ places that you can get paid for writing.

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