6. DIGITALRIVER.COM Digital River provides advanced processing offers including Access to payment gateway; Supporting
transactions for a wide range of credit cards; Global transaction processing, with 150 currencies across more than 200 countries, including most African Countries; processing tools such as shopping carts and storefront builders and Access to an advanced member site, giving you full-featured transaction controls and advanced analytics and reporting. Digital River makes sure that the payment solution is just right for you, whether you need a simple online payment form, access to a secure payment gateway, the ability to take payments anywhere, or an optimized global payment platform.

7. TRIALPAY.COM TrialPay is one of the industry leaders in cross-platform monetization. The offer-based payments platform drives revenue for software publishers, e-commerce sites, online marketplaces, and major web and mobile gaming platforms around the world. TrialPay offers its services in 180 countries. The company works with online merchants in the software, social applications, casual games, online services and retail industries, relying “on a web of business relationships to give consumers free goods, as long as they buy something else from a long list of wellknown online stores.

8. E-JUNKIE.COM For merchants selling downloads, they automate and secure the digital delivery of files and codes. If you are
selling tangible goods, they automate the shipping calculation and inventory management. Their shopping cart has a built in sales tax, VAT, packaging and shipping cost calculator. You can sell eBooks, sell mp3 tracks and albums, sell software, icons, fonts, artwork, phone cards, event tickets, Cds, posters, books, t-shirts and almost everything else you want to sell. E-junkie has no transaction limit, no bandwidth limit, no setup fee and no transaction fee.

9. CASHENVOY.COM This is a privately owned gateway integrated with Interswitch and ETranzact. They allow their registered merchants to receive payment via their gateway. They have an awesome API to allow you seamless integration on your website.

10.EYOWO.COM This is yet another payment processor created in Nigeria and registered with Interswitch and ETranzact for now. They have a very friendly interface for both merchants and the payers. They charge N6, 000 setup fee and 1% transaction fee.

11.GLOBALPAY This is another gateway built by A Nigerian bank, Zenith Bank just like the GTPay. It allows the bank customers to receive card payments on their website. GlobalPay is registered with Interswitch, UnifiedPayments and ETranzact!

12.PAYGATE.CO.ZA Based in South Africa, PayGate offers a comprehensive list of features. The folks at PayGate are super friendly and experienced. They also offer a range of mobile, subscription and currency conversion services. You will however require an internet merchant account to use PayGate.

13.MYGATE.CO.ZA Mygate is fully fledged payment gateway provider and provide a feature rich back end system. The backend system has lots of options including configuration and reporting. They give some flexibility in terms of adding your logo and the like to a template which in fact looks quite good, which is way too often overlooked.

14.VIRTUAL CARD SERVICES: WWW.VCS.CO.ZA Also require an Internet Merchant Account. Admittedly I have limited user experience with VCS but have found their support very responsive and helpful. From an outsiders perspective they could use some graphic design and mostly client feedback seems positive.

MonsterPay have excellent fees and overall a great product with an awesome backend reporting. Signup is quick and easy and no internet merchant account is required. We also love the option of multiple currencies. As mentioned above the email verification token is frustrating and their internet banking module is cumbersome and at time of writing only works on windows based pc.

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