Mobile X Review – Neil Napier Teams Up With Africa’s Best Web Developer to Deliver A Killer Bulk SMS Marketing Platform


These are exciting times for Mobile marketing, particularly for people looking to start an out of the box business in mobile marketing and Company Executives and Professional marketers looking for a nifty bulk SMS platform.

The whole of the digital marketing world is going crazy right now for a bulk SMS marketing platform that Neil Napier and his friends just rolled out called MobileX. You can find out all about HERE.. but first finish reading this review. It is important to understand what its all about and my special bonus before rushing away……

When I first got called about the mobile X software, by one of my business partners, I scoffed at it, thinking it was just another mobile bulk SMS platform that won’t deliver half of your texts anyway….Afterall, I have bought plenty like that before that I could barely make to work.

I simply tuned out as my virtual assistant kept gushing about this new Mobile X bulk sms marketing platform,..thats is until he mentioned that Neil Napier is actually behind it, along with the hottest African Web developer named Victory.

I finally paid attention and went to check it out.. and I was like ‘OH MY GOD!’ when I saw how amazingly easy and effective this bulk sms platform was..

Yes, frankly, I believe this package will definitely make you go gaga too.

Though I am really not techy at all, I think this Mobile X is one of those “ahead of The Curve” products that will help companies and individual take their business to a new level.

From what I was able to put together, MobileX appears to have been put together to solve many challenges mobile marketers, and marketing executives like me, dealing with marketing, communication and follow up with clients are experiencing every day.

My manager assured me that this one is real idiot proof and he was right!

I actually went and purchased a copy of the software since I was told it was less than $50, and see if I could use it myself to send bulk SMS within a few minutes though I have never been able to use any previous bulk SMS mobile platforms  my staff bought for us to use in marketing for our clients.

Within a few minutes I could actually send out a bulk text to some of my clients, and I was hooked!

First, I think that for those doing the bulk sms business for a living this is a no brainer. The ROI you can make on this marvelous bulk sms technology is frankly astounding.

As someone who makes a living teaching people to find a good internet business they can start, this is indeed a REAL biz-opp for everyone, experienced marketers, newbies.

However, you want to label yourself, this is for you. That is….if you can be take a few minutes to listen to the instructions of the developers on neil zapier - mobile x mobilex bulk sms marketing softwarehow to kill mobile marketing business with this, and you can literally build a very passive 6 figure business.

I am frankly not surprised that this product has already broken many sales records in less than 72 hours of release…

Here are some of the features of this software that I think will make you fall in love with it

THE DASHBOARD IS AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Many mobile marketing products are clunking and too techy to be useful to regular guys who just want to use it for business or their clients

GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR OWN SMS PLATFORM – Unlike other expensive White label or Reseller solutions, YOU CAN START YOUR OWN OUT OF THE BOX BULK SMS BUSINESS WITH NO ADDITIONAL WORK OR CODING. It’s a 3-Step install and you are ready to start rocking. They even provided an amazing Video to See How an Online Marketer Did Exactly This…see it here:

For companies who have been at the mercy of unreliable sms marketers, You Can Actually Run Your SMS Campaign in House now very easily and very cheaply Without Paying Any Consultant… the cost of the entire package will almost make you believe it won’t work! But it does. Big time. And they are offering a great MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case you really don’t feel the software delivers on its hype but I can assure you it was under-hyped as far as I am concerned.

What are the Downsides? Frankly, I cant think of any from my experience in using it,  other than you actually have to download and install the gizmo in 3 easy steps for it to work

Of course you must also be willing to watch a few minutes’ instructional video that will walk you through the entire process.

The software definitely won’t operate itself if thats what you are thinking. You have to give it commands and instructions before it can go into auto-pilot. You can see what this nifty app is all about right HERE

But What Makes the MobileX Bulk SMS Platform so Special?

In my opinion, while the software didn’t miss out on all the standard features people have come to expect from mobile sms platform

-It comes with a complete Support Ticket
System which allows you to now offer Instant 24/7 Support with instance notification to users to boost brand commitment!!

  • You can Import All Users Account Details on autopilot. Its GORGEOUSLY SIMPLE. You Just link your previous SMS Portal System to Mobile X and instantly get all your users’ Names, Email Addresses and Last SMS Credits intact at your fingertips.
  • It has Smart SMS Options which allow you to send more than just simple SMS Text Messages…Now you can send sensitive content as Flash SMS and Deliver your blog or website URL as WAP SMS to Smart Mobile Users. Techy guys are literally drooling at the mouth over this!
  • It has a Dynamic Reporting system that gives you the edge and keeps you ahead in the game. In times of supersonic cyber communications, a monitoring system to match the pace of the users’ activity is critical and it appears these mobile X people get that. To control any illegal or fraud activities, they have jazzed this software up instant Email and SMS Notifications for any activity initiated on your portal.
    You can also Track all SMS Delivery, sender details and User API details instantly.
  • View Transaction Records – Mobile X gives the power in your hands to view Transaction Records and help you monitor all important arrangements such as the Portal Admin Configuration System, Currency Conversion Rate, Logo, Online Payment Linking, Short code Assigning, and Short Code Keyword Setup and much more helping you stay on top of your game in mobile marketing.


The Wealth Apostle’s Verdict?


I would get it right now if I even remotely do any business that may benefit from bulk SMS to my clients or I were looking for a business-in-a-box deal where I can start making money right off the bat with a complete software solution.

You can get Mobile X Right now by clicking HERE

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