In this article, we will be dealing with some of the most common mistakes that internet business practitioners often make and how they can go about correcting them.

While there are many mistakes that internet business practitioners all over the world often make, particularly the newbies, I believe that there are some mistakes that are particularly unique, or most common, among Netpreneurs.

Every self-respecting internet marketer must honestly consider if they are making any of the common mistakes discussed below, and then take corrective actions so that they can achieve their dreams of internet business success

Common Mistake #1:  Lack Of Foundational Training On What It Takes To Succeed Online

Following the hype that anyone can be an internet marketer, many just start out calling themselves internet marketers with virtually no education on what it takes to succeed online. They simply hear the awesome success stories of others, which may or may not be true, and assume they can do it too, without bothering to read the necessary books or watch the necessary videos that will give them a basic understanding of what it takes to succeed online.

I have personally experienced this frustration when I first started out trying to train some youths about how to harness the power of the internet for making money in Nigeria.

I used to run free seminars with many excited youths showing up. They get excited about the possibilities of the internet but then when given the assignments to do, they do it halfway, or not at all, and then complain later that internet marketing does not work.

There was even a time I gave out a 20-module newbie course (which I sell this online for $197) for free to some

of my students and protégés, in a bid to help them make something of their lives. I was shocked to find out after 3

months that out of the 100 or so people that I gave access to this course, less than 5 of them went beyond module 5,

and only 1 of them actually finished the course itself. Yet, these people expect to make money on the internet

There is NO way to avoid getting the foundational knowledge it takes to succeed online and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. Success online rarely happens by accident.

Those stories about Janitors and Bricklayers who went from living on the street to becoming millionaires on the internet within a few weeks are simply NOT true. Even where there are some elements of truth about the past

history of those successful people, you have not been told the complete story of how they were able to move from

the gutter to the ‘internet palace’.

Nobody goes overnight from being broke to becoming a millionaire on the internet, certainly not without learning

the fundamental things it takes to succeed online. Show me anyone who claimed he went from a broke street

sweeper or welfare recipient to internet millions without months of study, several trial and errors and good

mentorship, and I will show you a liar.

I personally learnt this the hard way.

Though I am a successful attorney, with a PH.D in Law and several successful brick and mortar businesses, when

I decided to become an internet marketer, I failed woefully without going through the proper training as an

internet marketer.

As I openly and honestly confessed in my best-selling book, Confessions of A Guru-Wannabe, I did NOT find

success until I decided to swallow my pride and learn the fundamental rules for success on the internet. I never

found the elusive money until I studied the real gurus and put into practice the secrets I learn from them

(some of this is discussed later in this manifesto). It is a mistake to think because you have a university degree or have had success in some offline businesses, you can be successful online without further training.

How To Correct This Mistake:

You need to get some eBooks or courses on the basic knowledge for setting up, and launching a successful business on the internet. You can access one of such courses at . This is a20-module course that will give you the correct understanding of the steps you need to take to set up a successful business on the internet. You can find out all about it HERE.

There are also many online training schools like the American Internet Business School that provides

ongoing relevant certification courses for those who really want to learn what it takes to succeed online as a

business person.

Yes, it may take you some weeks, and several months, to learn the basics of what you need to do to succeed, but

then there is no free money anywhere without proper education.

As an internet marketer, you need to stop believing the hype and roll up your sleeves to learn the tools of the trade.

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