Common Mistake #2: Treating The Internet Business As A Hobby Instead Of A REAL BUSINESS

A common reason I also observed about Internet business practitioners in Africa is that they tend to treat internet marketing as a hobby or something they do part time.

Many call themselves internet marketers but the way they go about it shows that they do not even understand what being a ‘professional’ is allabout. It always amuses me how many people fail to understand this simple fact:

As a professional internet business person who intends to make MONEY from the business, you are actually starting a BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN . Internet b=Business for professionals is not a hobby you just pick up.

It is a BUSINESS, much like any other business. It is not a membership club. It is a BUSINESS.
The Business of Internet Marketing is not a fun club where you gather together with other MARKTERS on Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn or wherever, to exchange funny and encouraging texts and postings. That may be well and good, it may even make you happy, but understand this: You are in BUSINESS with YOU as the

Internet business is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme where you just get paid without providing any real value.
Regardless of what you may have been told, you need toWORK IT before you can make money online.
There is NOTHING like an automatic money spinner. The minute you understand this, you are already ahead of
95% of other African internet business people or internet Marketers who never seem to get this. Internet Business is a business, and just like any other business, for you to succeed in it; YOUR personal internet business must have all the elements of a successful business as follows:
• A Good Product or Products you are selling
• A Marketing/Business Plan
• A Marketing And Distribution System (TrafficGeneration)
• A Payment Receipt System9Merchant Account)
• An E-Commerce Website Selling Point Online
• A Budget To Execute The Plan
• Commitment Of Time And Energy Owner
• Productive and Positive Attitude Of The CEO
• A Profit And Loss Account (You must learn how to balance your books knowing how much you are spending on the business, and how much you are making, and what you need to do to get to break even position)

It is of the absolute importance to understand this if you are going to survive and win with internet marketing in
the long run. When you really UNDERSTAND that you are now a business owner, several things become automatic for you, and you will be unstoppable on your way to making money on the internet.

When you really start rolling as a proud INTERNET BUSINESS OWNER, several things will begin to happen
to you:
• You will not need anybody to tell you must to set up your Sales Funnel where people can actually pay you for something or create products of your own or find products you can really promote to make money.
• You will not have a problem understanding why you must master Traffic and Conversion techniques and why your business must be exposed to POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS EVERY DAY and very often.(i.e. engage in promotional
activities constantly either by advertising; email; article writing; forum hunting etc)
• You will not need any motivation to spend some time promoting your business EVERY DAY (just like you don’t need to be prompted to go to work every day! You know you don’t go, you don’t get paid. Business is no different).
• You will not have a problem going to internet networking events or visiting forums or attending webinars where you can get free training and assistance from some of the leaders and best marketers in the business.
• You will stop looking for scapegoats to blame for not having success since it is YOUR business. Someone might have sold you a useless eBook or training pack or delivered a bad webinar that you wasted your time attending, it does not matter. You are still responsible for your own success or failure.
• You will stop whining about problems that  African internet marketer talk about such as the ‘underserved’ bad reputation of Africans; slow bandwidth; Govt carelessness; lack of access to merchant accts etc, and instead focus on solving those problems to make money for yourself.

Failure to grasp this REALITY quickly and early enoughis one of the major sources of failure for African Internet
Marketers. I will say it again, Internet Business IS a Business and not a pastime.

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