Common Mistake #5: Lack Of Focus [Mr. Jack of All Niches]
This mistake is a definite killer of dreams for many would be Netpreneurs everywhere, whether in Africa or in the United States. Most of us, due largely in part to mistake number 4 above (Lack of A Strategic Business Plan), tend to try our hands on different things at the same time. Even those who have a strategic business plan often find themselves derailed by trying too many niches at the same time.

As researchers have uncovered, people do NOT like to lose and overwhelming majority of people buy onemotion. So, smart marketers always include a ‘Fear of Loss’ content in their sales letter in addition to couching the Sales Letters in a way that not only plays on your emotion but also convinces you that if only you can quickly take advantage of this new offer, you would be rich next week.

They make these things so simple that you believe that because you are very smart and intelligent, you can do
everything at once and make it all work. IT WON’T. It’s a fools’ errand that millions before you have already gone through, only to turn around, after fooling around for years trying their hands on everything, to declare
solemnly that ‘Internet marketing does not work’. Do not overestimate your own intelligence or ability to
multi-task. It simply does NOT work. I am a living and breathing example of the futility of trying to be in several
niches at once.

It does not matter how much energy or resources you have at your disposal, you cannot focus on
more than o1 or 2 projects at once. You will simply dissipate the little energy, resources and time that you
have without making any solid progress with any of your ventures This problem is made worse by the fact that once you start giving out your emails to get free products (which you have to do while still learning and growing), you will
be receiving lots of mouth-watering, unbelievable offers, in the mail about different products in different niches.
Before you know it, if you are not on the alert all the time, you will be swallowed up in the race to chase as many niches as possible.

One successful mentor said that lack of focus is the #1 killer of internet business people. Even some of the best
in the business occasionally fall into this trap.

How To Correct This Mistake
I wish I can honestly tell you that there is a magic wand you can wave; or magic juice you can drink to make you
stay focused. I would have waved the wand repeatedly or drank the juice all by myself!
It all eventually comes down to WILLPOWER and a consciousness that the temptations for distraction is always present every time you open your emails or get into the online forums.

You have to make a determination EVERY DAY to stay on point. You can also minimize the natural tendency to lose
focus, by having a WRITTEN DAILY PLAN OF ACTION that is based on your chosen niche and focus
and you do not go to bed until you have executed the plan. I have also found out that having an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER who will hold me accountable for my stated goals also help. That partner must be a positive person that you respect a lot and who aggressive enough to hold you accountable to your business plan. It cannot be somebody who is afraid of you or that you can intimidate. It even works better if the person is going to be a beneficiary of your being focused and getting stuff done.

Personally, I have found out that having a written agenda of what I need to accomplish each day has been the greatest help in keeping me focused. Even then I still digress every once in a while.
You must be aware of the damage lack of focus will do to your career. You must keep the possibility of distraction in your mind all the time as your read your emails; as you visit forums and as you attend seminars/webinars/event. You have to fight the tendency to chase after many rats at the same time, EVERY DAY.

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