Common Mistake #6: Lack Of Effective Networking; JV Participation And Attendance At Internet Business Events

Having been exposed to what makes the foreign internet marketers tick, I have come to believe that lack of effective networking with other internet marketers and under-appreciation of the power of Internet Marketing Events is a big mistake that African internet marketers must fix, if we are ever going to achieve the dreams of greatness that we all have As revealed in my book, Confessions Of A Guru-Wannabe, my internet business took off like a rocket when I started attending internet marketing events and participating in JVs and generally networking with superstars in the business.

Most African Internet Marketers think it is a waste of money to travel to internet marketing events, and they often do their own thing solo. This has severely limited their reach and scope. Many do not even know about existing internet business networking forums, or are not active in them

How To Correct This Mistake:

The solution to this is very simple. You need to start networking with other African internet business practitioners; attend their events/seminars/workshops and be active in online forums dedicated to African internet marketers such as

I have included a list of over 40 top internet business Forums where you can join for free, and learn to network and JV with the best internet marketers from all over the world, in the ‘Tools and Resources’ section of this manifesto.

Please check that list out and start experimenting with some of those forums. Nothing really beats the power of
JVs and Networking in this business.

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