Common Mistake #7: Failure To Build A Mailing List (I.E. Missing Opportunities To Collect Customer Info)
I am constantly amazed at how many internet business people in Africa do NOT have a mailing list. I have met some who have been in the business for more than 5 years who still do not have a respectable mailing list!

Virtually all the top internet marketers in the world agree that ‘the money’s in the List’, and all those successful
internet millionaires can’t be wrong, even if the statement is really not the complete story. By ‘list’, I mean a mailing list of e-mail addresses, that people have given you as an expression of interest in you and your products or services.

It does not matter how beautiful your website is, if you are not using your website to collect e-mail addresses of
visitors and potential customers, then your website is like a bucket with big holes in it. It will not matter how
much water you pour in the bucket (i.e. how much traffic you get to your site), most of it will drain out at the bottom.
Most visitors to your site do NOT buy anything from you that very first time. As a matter of fact, more than 90%
will NOT buy anything the first time since research shows that the average person needs at least 5 to 7 exposures to a product before finally making up their
mind to buy.

You therefore need a follow-up system to keep marketing visitors to your site and keep reminding them about your product. You cannot do that if you have no system to collect their information the first time they visited.

Solution: Set Up A Mailing List And Ask People To Join It.
There are so many tools out there now to help you build a List. So, only need to make up your mind to get it done.
Some of the tools and resources are even free! Set up a mailing list, provide an incentive and start asking people to join! It’s that simple, at least in its most basic form. Put a prominent signup form on your website, and ask people to give you their e-mail address if they want to know about your latest products and services. Then, next time you have a product or service to announce – you can guess what’s coming – send an e-mail and invite them to buy it.

You need to use a reputable email marketing service provider. Not only will this make it easy for you to manage hundreds or thousands of email contacts, when spam filters see that your mail is being sent by a provider with a good reputation, they’ll open the doors and let your messages through.

There are many good free and paid email provider services out there. I use Aweber and recommend it to my clients and protégés. Many marketers focus on simply creating pages and selling their products. There’s nothing wrong with this set-up; it’s just that your income is not stable and would only depend on how many visitors you get for the day.

To generate long-term income, at will, you need to build a list. Grab the names and emails of your visitors and
customers who are interested in receiving your information or offer. Amazingly, many people hear about building a list every day, yet, plenty of them still overlook this part of internet marketing. If you are not grabbing the emails of visitors to your site, then you are missing out on a huge income potential because you won’t be able to contact them again after they leave your site. But if you have their emails, you can build solid relationships and follow up with them as many times as you like.

Have an opt-in section on as much of your webpages as possible. Offer visitors something worthwhile for their contact info, and you will have a list of targeted customers to continue to market to.

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