It is my hope that you have learnt a thing or two from these secrets too. My journey to breaking the barriers to success in internet marketing was not pretty but I was able to find a ray of sunlight at the end of the tunnel, through sheer perseverance and unyielding tenacity.

As with everything good in life, you have to ‘reach’ before you can ‘grasp’. Nobody owes you anything in life, least of all as an internet marketer.
So, if you are not making proper headway in the business, you should take a LONG look at yourself and the kind of race you have been running so far. When you do that, you may be surprised that the problem is almost never about the bad WSOs you bought, or your lack of passion or about your lack of hustle in the marketplace, but about your approach to the game.

Most times, the difference between the hardworking struggler and the hard working winner comes down to the FOUNDATION of their APPROACH to the game.

Again, at the risk of getting you irritated, I must ask this question: Are you a strategic operator or an opportunity seeker? Answer that question right, and you will straighten out your path in the winding road to internet marketing success.

You have to ask yourself the tough questions that will expose whether you are an internet opportunity seeker or an internet strategic entrepreneur. There is just no way around it. You must look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth. Today.
It is time to forget about the big launch that ‘Guru’ is having this week, and how you need to ‘seed’ your list, or ‘salt’ your list in readiness for the big push in the market for the next ‘miracle’ product, and get the really important questions answered, in WRITING, for yourself. The gurus answered those questions for themselves and their businesses years ago and that is why you follow them today like a lemming. It is about time you get on the right road to gurudom yourself too. Don’t you think so?

Some of the fundamental questions you MUST ASK AND ANSWER, preferably in writing for yourself; include the following, among others:
• Are you trying to be a jack of all trades, running the money rat race every week by buying or promoting the latest product in the market, without regard to how they can help you position your company in the long run?

• Do you have a well written and articulated strategic Business Plan for your business those details where you want to be in the next 3 years?

• Do you have a well thought out business strategy that allows you to play where you can win, work in your sweet spot, and create market on demand anytime you want?

• Are you leveraging on your strength in the marketplace by focusing on only one niche and building all your products and promotions around it, or you are just focusing on the popular opportunities of the moment?

• What is your business policy regarding outsourcing?

• What criteria do you use to decide which product to buy or which launch to promote? Is it about the hungry market for it or its relevance to your own long term goals of positioning in the marketplace?

• Do you know your real ‘hourly rate’? and how to outsource what you can do for less than your hourly rate?

These are the questions that the IM Rehab Center was created to help you resolve.

Above all, you must NEVER forget the mantra that Rich Schefren repeated several times to hard-of-hearing wannabes in his teachings: “Internet Marketing business is a PROCESS and NOT an Event”. He also likes to say, “you must never forget that your business opportunity is in your business strategy, and NOT in your products”.

It is Time to decide if you want to be a Winner or a Whiner! You must choose whether you want to win by doing the things winners always do or keep doing what has not been working for you and remain broke.

One thing is manifestly clear, complaining about the bad WSOs or bad products in the marketplace or whining about the trade practices of a guru or unfair your wife or mother-in-law is, will never get you to the promised land.

At the end of the day, the responsibility for your success or failure is all on YOU. Yes, on you! Not the gurus; Not the products you bought; Not your family members who did not support you or those who kept telling you to go find a real job; and certainly not on the government doing its best to frustrate your mailing activities.

It is true that your experiences may differ from mine and the mistakes I made may be very different from yours. Still, at the end of the day, we are all responsible for our successes or otherwise. Blaming it on useless WSOs, or fake gurus, scammers, spammers, your husband/wife or anything else is not only futile, but self-defeatist.

After all, by definition, a victim can never be victorious. Whiners NEVER win and Winners NEVER whine.
You need to make a choice today on which one you want to be: Do you want to be a whiner who is always complaining about the gurus, poor quality of WSOs and the price of products, or a winner who is learning from the gurus on how to be a guru himself? The answers you give right now do not matter, it is only the actions you take over the next weeks and months that will prove which one you are over time.

You have to keep searching for the right answers until you get them.

If you really feel you have been working so hard and seeing very little results, or simply cannot help yourself from dong the wrong things, it may be time for you to check yourself into the I.M. Rehab Center!

You simply cannot make progress until you have ‘detoxed’ yourself from the bad I.M. ‘addictions’ and built a solid foundation for moving forward in your business by dealing with the critical foundational questions.

Starting all over again with a solid foundation and understanding of the mechanics of your business is a much better alternative than choosing to continue the fruitless struggle without a business foundation.

As I sign off on the ‘Confessions of a Guru Wannabe’, my advice to you is that, if you are suffering from any of
the ailments of an internet marketer that I have confessed to, then, like me, you need to check yourself into the Internet Marketing Rehab Center and detoxify yourself of all the bad habits that are holding you down from making money.

The I.M. Rehab Center is structured to help you deal with all the bad business habits that are holding you down and also help you build a solid business and long term strategic plan.

Apart from helping you develop a sustainable strategic internet business plan, we will also help you to develop a sound product, help you launch it and show you how to effectively manage it.

I strongly recommend that you check out the IM Rehab Center right now and take advantage of the special FREE Gold Membership that comes with the purchase of this book before it is removed! As part of the special offer we are doing for the launch of this book, The Gold Membership (normally $97 a month) is free for 2 months, for those who purchased this book in the month of release, and from there you can decide if the rehab center can really help you or not.

To all struggling guru wannabes, and all internet marketers who do not consider themselves guru wannabes, but who know in their hearts that they need the clarity that only a sound strategic business plan and business focus can bring to their internet business, I will say—check out the I.M. Rehab Center anyway and see if it is for you!

I look forward to climbing to the top of the success mountain with you!
Your wealth is definitely waiting!
Dr. Ope Banwo www.IMRehabCenter.com

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