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Thinking Abundance Will Help You Experience Abundance

I have a lovely 5 year-old daughter . She is full of energy, spunk and swagger but she often has those heavenly insights that God often reserved specially for the little innocent ones. I learnt something really important for internet marketing success and indeed any kind of business from her yesterday.

After picking Harmony up from pre-school, I decided to take her to a place called PIZZA MACHINE. This is a fun place where kids can ride on fun games, jump around while their parents hang around spending money on merry go rounds and cheap pizzas. It was not really fun for me because htat was not my thing but then how do you explain that to a 5 Year old girl who did not experience my level of poverty in Africa. She is American and is quickly growing up like most kids in America, that the sun rises and sets there

Anyway on this day, after spending about $100 on rides and cheap pizza (Harmony simply did not want to leave!), I told Harmony I didnt have any more money to spend, and that we need to go before they throw us out since we cannot pay for the rides again.

Harmony simply looked at me with those kind of confusing, ‘you-are-not-serious’ look that only 5 years olds can dare give their parents in America, and said “but Daddy why dont you just go in the car and get more money to give them. I KNOW you have money.” She said this with so much conviction, confidence and EXPECTATION that I would pay for one more ride. I looked at her and her confidence in my ability to provide and had no choice but to bring out another $20 for her to continue the fun!

I drove her home after basically getting manouvered out of my $120 by a 5 year old girl, I began to think about what she said. Then I raalised that she got what wanted because she had an EXPECTATION that she was going to get it. She had no doubts and she had no fears.

My daughter experienced more abundance that day because she expected it WITHOUT ANY DOUBT IN HER MIND whatsoever. She was not worried about fact that i might not give her the money. She did not even consider that it is possible that she wont get another ride if the problem was money. (By the way, when I finally said I had to go back to work, she had no problems. She just did not accept that the fun should end due to lack of money)

Can imagine how better off all of us would be if we just have this unwavering believe that we CAN ACHIEVE SUCCESS in our Internet marketing business? Or if we train ourselves to believe, without any doubts, that abundance CAN NEVER CEASE in our lives?  What if we go about our plans in full CONFIDENCE AND EXPECTATION that success and abundance is a foregone conclusion. Can you imagine the level of success you can have with that? Can you imagine how successful you can be online if you have the mentality of abundance?

To me many fail, whether it is internet business or offline business, and even in life generally, because of lack of conviction in themselves, their products or their ideas. Many of us have beaten down so much by failure that simply picturing ourselves inside lovely mansions or being celebrated for outstaning success is practically impossible. When people liek that are faced with a challenge, rather than picturing success and abundance, all they can see was the ocean of frustrations and failured they have been swimming in for a long time

Harmony, my halpless 5-year old daughter reminded me again today that it is all about the MINDSET. The battle for success in any business, including internet marketing is always won or lost in the mind first. Those wo train themselves ot expect abundance will always experience it while those who didnt not expect it rarely get it.

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