The 25-Point Checklist for Starting Your Online Business – (Part-II)

11. Design or get professionals to design your Logo; FB Banners; Website Banners; product designs. The more professional you look the more your chances of success. Do not worry. This does not have to cost a fortune. You can get these done real cheap on places life ; ;; and a host of other sites that are specifically set up to help with this.

12. Register a domain name for your online business. This is a very important task. Do not be casual about it. Be sure you are the registrar of your own domain. Don’t let consultants register domain names for you. The person who registers a domain name is considered to be the owner. Avoid being another horror story where your consultant holds your domain name to ransom later when you become successful. It is better to register the domain yourself and then give access to people who want to build your site, or maintain it for you.

13. Purchase or Assemble the critical tools you will need to operate as a business online. These include Domain Name; Hosting; Autoresponder Service; Computer; Software; Business Cards; Letterheads; Merchant Payment Accounts to receive money; Social media accounts; Websites etc.). Some of these items are free while some will cost you a little money.

15.Build a responsive and optimized website for your business or let someone do it for you. There are many places online where you can get sites done really cheap or even create a simple one for yourself. Google and find websites like You can also create a site with That is very popular now and it takes only a few minutes to put up a website.

15. Evaluate your finances to determine your personal budget.

16. Arrange a system for your business accounting and payroll. You must have a system of keeping control of income and expenses otherwise you will be making major losses without even realizing it. This will also prove important later when you want to do your
taxed. You can actually write-off any early loses in your business through your personal taxes if you have set it up properly. Get professional help if you need to.

17. Find out form a local chamber of commerce or do a quick google research to know if you will require a license or tax identification number to operate your kind of business online. Most online businesses do not require a license but do not assume this is true for your own business. Research and ask around. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

18. Choose a location for your business. Will it be at home or do you intend to rent an office. Whichever you choose, try and organize the internet office equipment in an optimal manner (i.e. computer, printer, fax, office supplies, and fixtures). Please note that most people start their internet business from inside their homes. Don’t waste money equipping your internet based business.

You really are not expecting clients to come to your office. So, there is no need to waste money over decorating. Even offline internet business consultants go to their clients offices.

19. Create a Daily Operations Manual for your online business. You need to think and write out your daily task list? How do you intend to carry out your business activities daily and what exactly are those activities? Without an operational manual or daily task sheet, you may spend hours online every day without doing productive tasks.

The number one enemy of the internet business professional is distraction and one of the best ways to minimize that is to have a DAILY ACTIVITY PLAN and know exactly what you need to accomplish each day, before you even start your computer.

Remember the internet does not reward you for time spent browsing or chatting. It rewards you for productive, sale-generating, and customer satisfaction activities!

20. Choose a launch date for your online business. This critical decision and should not be taken casually. Study your niche and the culture and best times for launching a business or product in that niche.

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