The 25-Point Checklist for Starting Your Online Business – (Part-III)

21. Plan an Event to Launch your business. Formally launching your online business gives you a lot of momentum that can help you to achieve success quickly. Don’t just throw it out there. Do a roll out plan that will excite the market. If you do not know how to do an internet business launch, research online for articles or books on the subject. This is a very important part of your coming out.

22. Assemble Affiliates/JVs And Friends to help with the launch. Take time to assemble friends; affiliates and joint venture partners who would help you make some noise to announce your opening and who would help you promote your first product to their lists and partners. This is a critical exercise and you need to learn how to do this properly by researching how this is done successfully.

23. Create Affiliate/JV materials that your supporters can use to promote you and your business as you launch. You need to have materials like Emails; Press Releases; Banners; Keywords research; JV Contests to encourage their participation, particularly if you already have a product/service you are launching along with your business.

24. Launch your Company with announcements; press releases; free and paid advertisement and schedule your continuous promotions. Market your website online through pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, emails, newsletters and even by visiting other sites to comment on other posts and products. You can also advertise your website business through traditional advertising methods such as local and national magazine and newspaper ads.

25. Once you have launched your company, do not forget about the business plan you have written. Review Business Plan and Marketing Strategy regularly and update it to cope with any changes.

Starting an internet based business of your own can be a very rewarding venture but it is important that you set yourself achievable and measurable goals. As you meet your goals they will boost your confidence and will give you a foundation of success to build on.

Above all, see your business as a REAL BUSINESS. It is not a hobby or a past time. It is not a get-richscheme while doing nothing. There is nothing like a business that can run on auto-pilot with some magic software while you just check your bank account every day. IT DOES NTO EXIST.
Internet business is still a business even if it is easier than regular businesses. Run it professionally and you can start making the kind of money in only 2 years that most people in brick and mortar business can only dream of after 15 years.

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