As I mentioned elsewhere in this manifesto, Internet Business IS a business and as such there are certain steps that must be taken when starting out before you can expect to have any reasonable success.

Just like starting an offline business requires some basic check-list, you need an internet business start-up checklist too. These are basic step-by-step stuff to check off as you systematically get your business set up and positioned for success. In this section, I will enumerate the elements of my 25point tested and proven INTERNET BUSINESS CHECK-LIST.

This is different from a blueprint for launching your own product or service in Africa. This is a checklist for starting an internet business itself before you even talk of the product or service. In other words, the checklist for opening a Shoprite Plaza is different from the blueprint to get products and services to sell when that business is up and running.

To start and run a successful internet business, I strongly recommend that you follow the 25-point Internet Business Start-up CHECK-LIST discussed briefly below. (For more details and personal guidance through it all, you will need to register for my internet rehab center at . The Center is scheduled to launch in early 2014)

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