(The 20-Steps To Success That Netpreneurs Must Learn In Order To Create and Market Their Own Profitable Product On The Internet) Regardless of your current circumstances, you DON’T have to read hundreds of books or take lots of courses on Internet Marketing to truly make your first dollar online.

Neither do you need to spend years of pioneering your way towards your first million dollar success! While internet business is NOT a get-rich-quick business, I believe it is possible to create your own online wealth within a few months or couple of years by mastering some fundamental steps… even if you are on a shoestring budget. Whether you choose to work from home or anywhere you want; you want to be a ‘rock star’ guru or
remain under-the-radar; or whether you’re still working for someone else, currently a student, or already started your own business of some kind. From what I have personally experienced, while you certainly have to work hard and be consistently focused, you don’t have to be exceptionally smart or talented to figure out how to make money online!

To start making an impact on your business and monthly bottom-line as an internet marketer, you need to consider the following 20 steps for creating a successful online business.

The following 20 steps contain everything you need to know – and ONLY what you NEED to know as a rookie- to start creating your own wealth online. Once you can take those steps, you will get started on the right footing and then build from there.

Please understand that it may take you a while to learn some of these steps but you need to make a note of them and have a plan to master each of them. Luckily there are many places on the internet where you can register for courses to learn ALL of them in one training class. For instance the American Internet Business School has a Certification course devoted to teaching internet business people in Africa and beyond these 20 steps in 90 days. You can register for the school at . It will definitely be worth your while to get certified in these steps. Here are the steps to success:

Step #1 -Pick The Profitable Niche You need to know what product you sell; the specific business to be in and who you want to sell to. Do not just jump into internet marketing. Take time to identify your special niche. Lots of people run around for years because they never took the time to do this critical step. You cannot be everything or everywhere. Niche focusing is the #1 key to success.

Step #2 –Create Your Own Profitable Product Practically without exception, all successful internet business people have a product of their own. Owning your own product is the fastest route to online credibility and authority. Without authority, you are not likely to make any major money from anyone over a sustained period of time.

Product creation sounds intimidating to many beginners. This is why a lot of new marketers want to start with other ways of making money online like affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc. The truth is that product creation takes just as much effort as starting an affiliate business or publishing AdSense blogs or websites. Yet the rewards are exponential.

Step #3 – Create and Use Copywriting That Sells A popular adage in Internet Marketing goes: “most people are one sales letter away from wealth”. If you want to be rich, you must know how to sell. Fortunately, the Internet makes it possible for you – or anyone – to be able to sell 24/7… on 100% automation! This is a skill that must be learnt and if you cannot learn it, then you must find someone with great copywriting skills to help you right your copies, preferably as a partner. That way you save a lot of upfront money in writing your online copies but pay your copywriting partner a part of your income online. Copywriting is the life blood of sales and conversion and this step cannot be ignored. Either learn it or become friends or partner with someone who is good at it.

Step #4 – Build A List of Devoted Buyers by Optimizing your Website You must learn to tweak and position your website so that it can be found by people looking for what you are offering. This is often referred to as SEO and website optimization. This is about putting together your website for optimum effectiveness, optimum profits and optimum automation. There are many Guerrilla strategies and tactics available online that will allow you to master this skill. You can also learn some of it from taking relevant courses at the American Internet Business School (

Step #5 – Increase Profit With Email Marketing You have probably heard that the saying ‘the money is in the list’ and that is largely true though not the complete story as you will learn as you grow. But it is critical for you to build your own list of customers through what is referred to as ‘Email Marketing’ You definitely have to learn that skill and get some books or courses on the subject from reputable trainers or training schools like the American Internet Business School. The ability to build a responsive and authority-backed list is the secret of most internet gurus and this is also a step no serious Netpreneur can avoid.

Step #6 – Blog For Profits Like A Super Star Don’t underestimate the power of blogs; this is how many niche marketers and even some of the top E-Commerce companies in the world get their natural flow of targeted traffic and build their brand! Blogs can influence the way your prospect perceives your authority. Blogs can send all the traffic you need to monetize from. And certainly, owning a string of blogs can increase your advantages manifold!

Step #7 – Learn To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Creating your own products earn you status and flexibility as a market shaker. But who says there’s no money to be made as an affiliate? Many marketers today are cashing in a fortune just selling other people’s products!

Step #8 – Learn how to use Social Media for profits
In this Step you’ll learn how to use two of the Internet’s largest and fastest growing social networking websites to leech targeted traffic! Imagine even if you get a tiny fraction of the traffic these gargantuan sites are getting every day – how much will that change your business and profits

Step #9 – Increase Profits With Your Own Affiliate Programs You must learn how to leverage on the group effort of other internet marketers out there and amass your own army of people willing to promote your products voluntarily.

Step #10 – Tap The Power Of Joint Ventures The real money makers on the internet have a powerful group of JVs that support them and help them push their products and services on the internet. You will need to master the art of striking Joint Venture deals with the top guns of any niche of your choosing!

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