Step #11 – Use AD Swaps And AR Swaps Effectively In this Step you should learn how to build an ‘alternative mailing list’ that lets you reach your target buyers a whole lot faster than email marketing – all within the click of the button! This method alone can help you get recurring income and recurring leads for life!

Step #12 – Use Press Releases To Increase Profits In this Step you should learn how to craft your own professional Press Release in 5 minutes flat, topping your search engine rankings, backlinks and linking power!

Step #13 – Increasing Sales Through Forum Marketing In this Step you’ll learn to find REAL buyers – not just the ‘window shoppers’ and where they hang out online – in just a few minutes! Doing this the wrong way can dampen your marketing efforts. You want to be targeting those ‘buyers’ and not the time wasters.

You can learn this step as part of the Netpreneur Certification course at the American Internet Business University.

Step #14 – Do Pay Per Click Advertising Contrary to the lies you have been fed by many gurus, it is difficult to build your online business fast with just free traffic. Free traffic is good but it takes months and years for it to reach critical mass and in the interim to keep your business afloat, you may need to do some pay per click advertising. In this Step you must learn how to get instant traffic for low-cost! Many would-be internet marketers fail in this area simply because they lose money every time and don’t follow our formula. If the numbers don’t add up, it won’t work! Watch this Step to get it right and unearth hungry buyers’ fresh from the search engines!

Step #15- Use Link Building Strategies For Success In this Step you’ll learn how to build links quickly and easily and improve your rankings on the major Search Engines like Google and Yahoo!
Step #16 – Use Article Marketing For Increased Traffic In this Step you’ll learn how to get articles to drive in targeted traffic and boost your Search Engine ranks and results.

Step #17 – Use Video Marketing For Increased Traffic Of course you do not even need to record any videos to start marketing your business with videos. You can learn the secret to leveraging your videos as well as other people’s videos to drive in massive traffic to your websites.

Step #18 – Social Bookmarking Secrets You should learn how to integrate several of the Internet’s largest social networking websites to bring in compound traffic to any website of your choice with what is called ‘social bookmarking’. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your own products or you’re an affiliate for other merchants, you can take your business to another level by using social booking marking.

Step #19 – Do Podcasting For More Profits Use Podcasting to build your brand and distribute to various channels online… and get pockets of laser-targeted traffic funneled into your websites!

Step #20 – Review; Optimize and Repeat Productive Efforts Review Your Analytics And Numbers, Identify the highest ROI efforts and double up on those activities

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