Getting started properly on the internet with your own custom E-commerce Website is not a walk-over by any standard regardless of what the ‘gurus’ have been saying in their pitches. It takes, time, energy, and resources to set everything up for you to have your own store or ecommerce website ready to sell your products. So, if you are not really ready to launch your own fullfledged ecommerce website just yet but want to start making money right away by selling products and services online, you can use some of the third party hosted sites and classified ecommerce sites that were set up specifically for small or individual online sellers until you are ready to have your own custom ecommerce site.

The internet is full of some great hosted stored fronts which present easy ways to set-up your own Web store.
The turnkey solutions provided by these hosted store fronts present a good option for small or individual sellers who aren’t quite ready to invest in a large ecommerce website. Third party hosted storefronts make it easy to create and manage a store because you don’t need any HTML or programming skills, and you can customize the storefronts to suite your business needs.

The following is a listing of 20 that I consider very good and easy to start with.

This is a brand new store front for internet business people specifically from Africa. It allows them to sell their products to the whole wide world while having opportunities to collect their money locally through their personal bank accounts. It recently launched and everything on it is free during the beta period. African Netpreneurs are encouraged to take advantage of this.

A storefront solution that lets you create your own Web shop — plus you can sell on Facebook and eBay with BigCommerce. Extra features include multi-channel retailing, mobile commerce, SEO and easy upselling.

A shopping cart and digital delivery system for publishers who want to include buy-now buttons to sell digital goods. You store the files on E-Junkie’s servers , and buyers receive an email with instructions to download the product after making a purchase.

Use it to build an ecommerce store, or you can purchase the Buy-Me Button plan to add payment options to an existing website.

5. MERCANTEC.COM E-Commerce Express.
An entry-level storefront and shopping-cart service that lets you sell in a number of places including your own site and on eBay.

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