6. CREATESPACE.COM CreateSpace, which is owned by Amazon, lets authors, musicians, and filmmakers create print-on-demand books, CDs, and DVDs. The main advantage to using CreateSpace is that because it is owned by Amazon, your products’ inclusion in the Amazon catalog is guaranteed. That means you can also sell on the Kindle, via the Amazon MP3 store, and offer movie downloads (which means availability on the Xbox 360 and certain TiVo players). Being guaranteed a spot in Amazon’s marketplace can mean a huge boost to your potential sales.

7. BLURB.COM Blurb just does books, but they do books beautifully. Blurb specializes in creating printed books that definitely don’t have a print-on-demand feel, and because they create such great photobooks, the site has attracted many artists and photographers. As a result, many of the books they create are right up there in terms of design with those coming out of the major publishing houses. Blurb also makes it easy to automatically create books with your content from Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, and TypePad.

8. TASTEBOOK.COM If you’re creating a cookbook, then TasteBook might be for you. TasteBooks are stunning hardcover, spiral bound cookbook binders that hold up to 100 recipes. But what really sets TasteBook apart from other print-on-demand publishers is that users can upload their own recipes or choose recipes from a large number of third-party providers, including Food & Wine, Cooking Light, Food Network, Better Homes and Gardens, Epicurious, Recipezaar, and more.

9. CDBABY.COM Over 200,000 indie artists already sell their music through CDBaby. It’s not exactly a print-on-demand publisher, since they really just handle warehousing, selling, and distribution of your CDs (though they do offer disc duplication services as well), but it is so amazingly popular among indie musicians that it would be hard not to mention it here.

10. THE GAME CRAFTER.COM The Game Crafter is an awesome new service for making and selling your own board games and collectible card games. Just upload your artwork and game rules, and pick out which pieces (dice, pawns, etc.) need to be included and go! The Game Crafter will print, package up, and mail out your game every time it’s ordered. It won’t be quite as polished as a traditionally published game (game boards are printed on heavy clay-coated card stock rather than the even heavier chip core that game companies usually use, for example), but the results are still very playable and The Game Crafter’s service is bound to get better over time.

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