11. SPOONFLOWER.COM Anyone who watches Project Runway knows that the right print can make or break a good design. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to have your own designs turned into printed fabric? Spoonflower, a printon-demand fabric seller, does just that, letting designers create and sell printed fabrics on either quilting or upholstery weight cotton or organic cotton sateen, with prices ranging from $18 – $32 per yard.

12. PONOKO Ponoko takes your 3D designs and turns them into actual products using a variety of materials, such as MDF, bamboo, cardboard, leather, acrylic, and felt. The result is that you can make toys, housewares, furniture, jewelry, and even electronics and put them up for sale in your own storefront.

13. SHAPEWAYS Like Ponoko, Shapeways lets you upload 3D designs and turn them into real products using 3D printing technology. The site then lets you sell your products via a custom storefront. People are using Shapeways to sell art, toys, jewelry and other gadgets, and some people are using the site for rapid prototyping of products.

14. IMAGEKIND Want to easily sell prints of your work? Then check out ImageKind. This site, which is owned by CafePress, specializes in prints and cards with a variety of different material, size, and framing options. For photographers who use Flickr, you can easily import your work to ImageKind and offer it for sale with custom framing.

15. DEVIANTART.COM deviantART is one of the largest art sites on the web, with over 81 million submissions. Every member of the site is also eligible to sell their art through the site’s store on mugs, mouse pads, coasters, magnets, puzzles, prints and other items. Prints can be offered in a variety of sizes and with a handful of different frame types.

16. 99DESIGNS.COM: Do you have a design background? You can sign up and submit designs for logos, T-shirts, brochures and lots more, working closely with the lister for continual feedback. Win cash (and bragging rights) if the lister chooses to use your design!

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